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Providing security, in more ways than one

Thursday, November 26, 2015

By Michael Lea, Kingston Whig-Standard                                     

Canadians recognize that military veterans can have a hard time transitioning back into civilian life, but one part of society that can help provide them with a job needs to do more, said Bill Sutherland, the national chair of the Commissionaires, the more modern name for the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires.

ALWAYS UP FOR A CHALLENGE: Airman, Soldier, Officer, Commissionaire, Fundraiser, Family Man

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Esprit de Corps - November Edition

by Scott Taylor

Born in 1945 in St. Boniface, Hilaire “Nick” Nicolas is a proud Franco-Manitoban. He joined the Canadian military at the age of 17 as an aircraftman 2nd class, the RCAF equivalent of a buck private.

Nick’s trade training was completed at the No. 1 Radar and Communications School at RCAF Station Clinton, Ontario, where he graduated as a Group 1 Communications Operator (radio and teletype).