Unguarded buildings invite unwanted activities. They need to be actively guarded to protect against theft, vandalism and intruders – including those who slip inside unnoticed right after residents or authorized visitors and tradesmen.

Commissionaires protect buildings, and safeguard the residents who live there. In addition to patrolling condos or residential complexes, Commissionaires are also security concierges – a welcoming presence to keep residents safe.  Friendly, professional Commissionaires help you manage your facility efficiently and deliver peace of mind.

Commissionaires’ condominium security guarding services include:

  • Access control
  • Reception
  • Visitor registration
  • Closed circuit TV monitoring
  • Contract escorts
  • Parking control
  • Mobile patrols include:
    • Underground garages
    • Multiple floors
    • Equipment monitoring
    • Alarm response

Count on Commissionaires for exceptionally trained, experienced and uniformed security professionals.  Many Commissionaires are veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces and the RCMP, with established leadership, skills and expertise.  Ongoing training is mandatory at Commissionaires to ensure you receive the highest level of security services.