Security services at ports and airports includes:

  • Manage security in high security areas ensuring they are clear, properly guarded and accessed by authorized personnel
  • Control traffic flow into and out of arrival and departure areas
  • Passenger screening as well as ground and air side security (airports)
  • Enforce parking bylaws
  • Ensure all commercial vehicles servicing arrival and departure zones are licensed and meet government standards
  • Arrange for specialized transportation for groups, dignitaries and special events
  • Manage wildlife animal control to ensure safe take-off and landing of aircraft (airports)
  • Public information counter ambassadors

Count on Commissionaires for exceptionally trained, experienced and uniformed security professionals. Many Commissionaires are veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces and the RCMP, with established leadership, skills and expertise.  Ongoing training is mandatory at Commissionaires to ensure you receive the highest level of security services.